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All Indian classical dance forms are believed to have branched out from ‘Natya Sasthra – (Treatise on Dance)’ an ancient text written by Baharat Muni(400 B.C).

Kuchipudi, as one of the eight main classical dance forms that closely follows the principles of Natya Sasthra – combines fast rhythms and sculpturesque body movements.

Having come across ages, this dance form still stands unique with many of its distinctive features traced to the innovations introduced by the brilliant scholar Siddhendra Yogi of the 14th century. He built up the repertoire and refined the dance technique.

Padmabhushan Dr Vempati Chinna satyam, being an architect of contemporary classical Kuchipudi dance form made unique contribution of refining the dance form without losing its classical effulgence. His presentations have given international recognition to this style of dance. Today Kuchipudi is performed either as a solo or a group presentation and is unique among the Indian classical dance forms.

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