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Trayam is a beautiful representation of the female trinity of Indian and Japanese mythology “ Benzaitennyo 弁財天女 (Saraswati)Kisshoutennyo 吉祥天女 (Laxmi), and Daikokutennyo 大黒天女 (Mahakali)” who are manifestations of the eternal power in the world- Adishakthi- the power that drives the universe irrespective of religion and faith. People call this power with several names - Jesus, Krishna, Allah etc. to give a form to the power and to focus their journey towards the eternal power-power that is latent in pure consciousness and essential to create, sustain and destroy. Just as Energy can never be created nor be destroyed, but changes from one form to another; Devi took many incarnations to do different tasks. God is perceived in both male and female forms. But all different forms of energy or powers of God are with the Trimurti in the form of Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali.  True Energy (Adi Shakti) creates, generates and destroys energy. An hour-long production, this is performed through an Indian classical dance style-Kuchipudi. It was premiered in Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad.


Concept: Sarvani Yadavalli

Choreography: Padmasri Dr. Sobha Naidu

Music Credits: Padmasri Dr. Sobha Naidu

Scholar: Sri Srinivasulu Kamisetty

Duration: 60 mins

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