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Kuchipudi by Sobha Naidu's disciple Sarvani Yadavalli was noteworthy for her abhinaya and command over technique. The incorporation of navarasa gave her scope to display her ability to register various emotions. For karuna rasa, she took story of Kubja and how she was turned into a beautiful woman by Krishna's compassion. Kaliyanartanam was selected for adbhuta rasa of wonderment. She is a versatile dancer and explains her dance numbers in an engaging manner.

Padmasri Dr. Sunil Kothari

Leading dance historian and critic of Indian Classical Dances.

  • Sarvani combines  brilliant technical aspects of the dance with beautiful expressions. She is not only a true classical dancer upholding the centuries long tradition but also is a wonderful and caring teacher, preparing new generations of classical dancers -Marina Wright


  • Sarvani woows the crowd

  • The Star

Review in Nartaki:

Sarvani's dignified entry and walk as Alamelumanga with her jingling bells, displayed adequate maturity in abhinaya and skill in the nritta required for a highly confident dancer. There was a certain amount of elegance in her hastas and upper torso even while she was simultaneously executing her lower torso or foot strongly. The repetition of the line "Gambhira gatalanu meera" and its execution with the nritta passages interspersed was delightful as was the soul-stirring singing. 

Nita Vidyarti, veteran critic of performing arts

  • Sarvani has given a wonderful performance and made her guru Sobha Naidu proud

  • Padmasri Dr. Sunil Kothari

  • Leading dance historian and critic of Indian Classical Dances.

Dear Sarvani,

Your performance at the Brahan Natyanjali festival on 26-Feb-17, was simply magnificent.

Stumbling upon a classical dance performance for the very first time, it was a revelation of sorts for an ordinary tourist like me.

The dance evoked & stirred a deep sense of devotion, which one experiences only in the sanctum sanctorum of a temple. 

I feel compelled to write this email, in praise of your divine art. Quite similar to the compulsion I felt, in seeking your autograph!

God Bless,


PS - Chanced upon your email from google!


​​Sarvani mesmerised  the audiences with her  excellent performance and command on reciting the spoken rhythmic  syllables of KUCHIPUDI dance (Nattuvangam) which was  greatly appreciated  by the audience in three major festivals of Yorkshire –  Halifax Festival ,Bradford festival and Hebden Bridge Arts Festival.- 

Shantha Rao,

Director, Annapurna Indian Dance Company.

Dear Sarvani, It was a pleasure to watch you perform yesterday at Kartik Fine Arts Dance Festival. Though I couldn’t stay for the entire performance, what little I saw, I just loved it. Your stage presence, clean lines and energetic dancing all were so beautiful to watch. Good luck with life and stay blessed. Will be in touch. I loved your costume also.

Roja Kannan, famous bharatnatyam dancer

  • Sarvani’s performance in the ballet Srinivasa Kalyanam during Konark dance festival is impressive

  • Lalitha Venkat, Editor, Nartaki.

  • Devotion drives Sarvani to perform with intensity

  • The Telegraph.

  • Sarvani mesmerized the audience through her energetic performance

  • Kalatapasvi  Padmasri Dr. K. Viswanath Veteran Film Director

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