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Sahasra Fine Arts, led by Sarvani Yadavalli, came up with a production “KRAMA”, meaning Lord Vishnu (n)/Sequence (v). Lord Vishnu is known as the Supreme Protector of Life. ‘Dasavataram’ is a story of 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu at different times when he descended to Earth to save mankind from prevailing evil forces.

Krama takes the audience through different incarnations of Lord Vishnu. KRAMA showcases sequences of various incidents of Lord Vishnu, through three different flavours of Indian classical dance forms - Kuchipudi from the South-east, Kathak from the North and Mohiniattam from the southern end of Indian subcontinent.

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Bicycle with Barefoot

One of the most memorable projects for Sarvani- “Bicycle with Barefoot“ is a piece of unique and inspiring original Asian dance theatre to celebrate the historic occasion of Tour de France in Yorkshire.

It has been selected as part of Yorkshire Festival 2014 – the first ever 100 day art festival to precede the Grand Départ in its 111 year history.

It involves printing the design of a bicycle on a large 4 meter square canvas cloth which is secured on a frame and laid on a surface sprinkled with powdered paint. Spectators will be witnessing a wonderfully imaginative printing process where dancers will be moving carefully on the canvas using various pressures of their feet and will see the printed art work when the frame is held upside down. The concept and inspiration for the project has been taken from the ancient Indian classical dance style called Kuchipudi dance from Andhra Pradesh in India.

Bicycle with Barefoot is presented by Annapurna Indian Dance Company at four major festivals in Yorkshire as part of Yorkshire Festival 2014. It was one of nearly 50 events selected to be officially part of Yorkshire Festival 2014 which concluded on July 6, 2014. Yorkshire Festival 2014 was the first ever arts festival to precede the Tour de France, the world’s biggest annual sporting event. It was backed by Welcome to Yorkshire, Yorkshire Water and the Arts Council England as well as Local Authorities across the Yorkshire, UK.

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Trayam is a beautiful representation of the female trinity of Indian and Japanese mythology “ Benzaitennyo 弁財天女 (Saraswati)Kisshoutennyo 吉祥天女 (Laxmi), and Daikokutennyo 大黒天女 (Mahakali)” who are manifestations of the eternal power in the world- Adishakthi- the power that drives the universe irrespective of religion and faith. People call this power with several names - Jesus, Krishna, Allah etc. to give a form to the power and to focus their journey towards the eternal power-power that is latent in pure consciousness and essential to create, sustain and destroy. Just as Energy can never be created nor be destroyed, but changes from one form to another; Devi took many incarnations to do different tasks. God is perceived in both male and female forms. But all different forms of energy or powers of God are with the Trimurti in the form of MahalakshmiMahasaraswati and Mahakali. A non-dimensional God creates this world through Srishti-Shakti (Mahasaraswati or Sound or knowledge), preserves through Sthiti-Shakti (Mahalakshmi or Light or resources), and destroys through Samhara-Shakti (Mahakali or Heat or Strength). True Energy (Adi Shakti) creates, generates and destroys energy. An hour-long production, this is performed through an Indian classical dance style-Kuchipudi. It was premiered in Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad.


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Shyamasundara- In which darkness are you hiding?

ShyamaSundara is a major dance production on krishna involving over 60 dancers. Sarvani choreographed and presented beautiful art form of Kuchipudi in this production. It showcases the beautiful, rich and colorful Raat Suhani, the majestic Satyabhama, the mind blowing draupadi's vow and vengeance on Duryodhana and many more leela’s of Krishna. 

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Prahlada Pattabhishekam

Sarvani enacted as the protagonist (prahlada) in the opera “Prahlada Pattabhishekam”. She has toured many places along with her guru Vedantam Radheyshyam enacting the hero role in this opera. This opera shows how Prahlada, a young boy has deep faith in Lord Vishnu and inspite of severe warnings from his father Hiranyakasipa continues his worship towards lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu takes the Narasimhavatar, kills Hiranyakasipa and releaves prahlada. This opera conveys the message that Faith in God is paramount, Devotion can be practiced at any age, God is omnipresent and Evil will be punished.

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Nrithya Sangamam

It took the genius of the Lok Kala Manch to come up with this innovative idea and the passion and dedication of two extremely talented dancers- Sarvani Yadavalli and Moumala Nayak to make this miracle happen. The two came together to give a brilliant performance of Kuchpudi and Kathak side by side.


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Tales of Mystic India

Tales of Mystic India by Annapurna Indian Dance Company is a beautiful selection of sparkling ancient stories of India narrated through a combination of different mediums: dance, storytelling, drumming and puppetry. Sarvani Yadavalli presented her work at several prestigious theatres of Scotland as a part of Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival, UK.

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Daredevas 2014

Akademi, the leading producer of South Asian Dance in UK presents DAREDEVAS, an Artist development programme which supports established artists to develop their performativity along with bespoke mentoring and Continual Professional Development.

Daredevas 2014 is an evening of Kuchipudi: an art form rarely seen in London, transported to the cultural quarters of Shoreditch. Daredevas 2014 combines a melody of strength and delicacy, control and release, portrayed by a unique dance vocabulary. Sarvani Yadavalli and Arunima Kumar brings to you an urban excellence to this art form and show you why they are regarded as some of the brightest stars of South Asian dance in the UK. This project is mentored by Chitra Sundaram, Sujatha Banerjee.

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Kalyana Srinivasam

Sarvani Yadavalli has done several roles in this most popular dance drama of Kuchipudi. The ballet tells the Sthala Purana (story of the shrine) of Tirumala in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh state in South India. It is the seat of Lord Venkateswara, who is regarded as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the refuge for mankind in the Kaliyuga. The hill shrine itself is called the Bhooloka Vaikuntham, the earthly counterpart of Lord Venkateswara and Padmavathi or Alivelu Manga. 


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