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Kuchipudi Classes for Kids/Adults
Kuchipudi Boot Camp / Item Medley
Movement/Fitness Sessions
Online classes

This course is offered for beginners who do not have any experience in dancing. The course is taught in different modules (details can be found in the course schedule). 

This course is designed for students who have significant background in Kuchipudi and would like to learn new items. A customized schedule is arranged for the student based on the student’s interest, skill-set and discretion of the teacher. 

This course is specially meant for the adults. The course goes in accordance to the specific changes that the body undergoes with age.

We recommend getting trained in classical dance in guru sishya parampara- learning from a guru directly. However, if anyone is unable to find guru in their locality and want to pursue the dance training, they can opt for this course. 

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