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Welcome to Sahasra Fine Arts -the place where one can electrify their senses.

This is a concept designed with much passion by Sarvani Yadavalli, an established Kuchipudi artiste, not just to provide the students with an alternative source of leisure and learning but also to fulfill the dreams of those who would like to become professionals in the field they choose in fine arts.

Dance is the most elegant and dynamic art form of expression. The current world and its faster moving people have little time to sit back and take time to enjoy the finesse in expressions from heart.

Parents are busy with their duties, and the children – the most creative and inquisitive minds of all are left to spend time with the lifeless machines, deprived of the opportunities to explore the world.

“To dance is to let our hearts speak”

Sahasra Fine Arts is an ideal environment where your children will find a unique approach to learn different classical art forms along with the rich, meaningful Indian traditions and the cultural heritage of the country that is often overlooked.

Their young minds are gently filled with colors of expressions, grace and rhythm of movement- opening up a new world of imagination which will greatly influence their overall personality development. One can explore a whole new world here with us.


Join our family and explore the new world of dancing to the tune of Kuchipudi.

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