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Discover London’s Enchanting Christmas Lights with Your Family

London at Christmas is a fairy tale come alive, a place where magic twinkles around every corner. Having spent several Christmases in this vibrant city, this year was different—we set out to truly savor the essence of London during the festive season. Amongst the bustling Christmas markets and joyful shopping trips, our highlight was a breathtaking walking tour of the city's dazzling Christmas lights. Here's a glimpse of our 2023 Christmas walk, a journey you too can experience in London.

Planning with Kids in Mind

Navigating London with children during Christmas demands thoughtful planning to avoid queues at popular attractions. Our journey, a delightful 5-kilometer stroll, took approximately 3 hours, but with our 8-year-old and 3-year-old in tow, we made a few extra stops. Beginning at 4 PM, we meandered through vibrant streets adorned with captivating lights before stopping for dinner at 8 PM.

Map that we followed for the Christmas Lights Walking Tour

Getting Started: Bond Street to Selfridges

We boarded the South Western Railway National Train and arrived at Bond Street Tube Station by 3:30 PM. Our walk commenced along Oxford Street, where the canopy of brilliant white stars above us at Selfridges was a breathtaking sight. The department store was adorned with quirky Showtime-themed Christmas displays across its 15 windows, a delightful treat for Christmas enthusiasts.

At Oxford Street

Grosvenor Square and Annabel’s

While we missed the Ever After Garden's 20,000 illuminated white roses at Grosvenor Square by a day, the visit to Annabel’s private members' club, with its massive hot air balloon display symbolizing hope, left us somewhat underwhelmed.

At Grosvenor Square and Annabel’s

New Bond Street - Highlight of the tour

The highlight of our tour was New Bond Street, bedecked with tiaras in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Vibrant decorations at stores like Dior and Cartier, featuring a colossal butterfly and stunning displays, delighted our kids. If there is another opportunity, we will come back to this place.

At New Bond Street

Exploring Savile Row and Regent Street

A quick detour to Savile Row, adorned with golden sheers cutting through festive fabric, led us to the iconic Regent Street. The massive angels forming a canopy over the street and the 300,000 twinkling lights provided the perfect photo opportunity.

Carnaby Street and Leicester Square

The neon and light waves of Carnaby Street’s Carnaby Universe theme injected a funky vibe into the walk, though the crowds urged us to move on. Leicester Square, vibrant as ever, offered a delightful Christmas market experience and a scrumptious indulgence in Nutella-topped churros.

At Carnaby Street and Leicester Square

Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden

Trafalgar Square, bustling with its market and Norway-donated Christmas tree, felt a bit repetitive after Leicester Square. We then wrapped up our walk at Covent Garden, where a captivating street performance added a charming final touch to our evening before a cozy Italian dinner.

At Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden

Tips for Your London Christmas Lights Walk

  • Plan Ahead: Have a map or guidance handy to cover all highlights efficiently.

  • Weather Check: Choose a rain-free day, especially when walking with kids, for a more pleasant experience.

  • Early Start: Beginning around 4 PM proved ideal for us, with fewer crowds and more enjoyable moments for the kids.

There is still time till Jan first week if you would like to take this walking tour. Experience the magic of London’s Christmas lights, and create beautiful memories with your loved ones. Happy exploring!

This post is inspired from the post published on I have followed their post on the London Christmas Lights tour and posted the above experiences.


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