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Navigating Dance Across Borders: A Dancer's Guide to Seamless Transitions

As a seasoned dancer who has called five different countries home in the past decade, I aim to share valuable advice for fellow artists embarking on a global dance journey. Moving to a new country isn't just a change of location; it's a pivotal moment that can significantly impact your dance career. Here are the top ten considerations to ensure a smooth transition and a flourishing dance career in diverse cultural landscapes.

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1. Define Your Dance Vision: Understand your dance vision and explore how it can be integrated into the dance culture of your new environment. Flexibility and adaptability are key.

2. Assess Your Support System: Whether you're moving alone, with a spouse, or with your family, evaluate the support system you currently have and anticipate what you'll need in your new place. Plan strategies for managing with less support and time.

3. Financial Planning: Consider your financial preferences. Decide if you'll depend on your dance income or need an additional job. Explore part-time work options, especially if you have young children.

4. Determine the Duration of Your Move: Clarify if your move is temporary or permanent. This distinction will influence your approach to networking, settling down, and making career decisions.

5. Networking Strategies: Identify key individuals and organizations you need to connect with in your new place. While networking within the dance community is crucial, broaden your connections to various social groups and organizations.

6. Integrate into Natural Networks: Engage with existing networks, such as kids' groups, regional associations, and shared interests like cycling or photography. Establishing connections beyond the dance community can enrich your experience.

7. Leverage Social Media: Stay updated on festivals and events through social media platforms. Apply to participate in festivals, expanding your visibility in the dance community.

8. Explore Indian Organizations: Look for Indian organizations affiliated with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) in your new country. Introduce yourself and express your interest in collaboration.

9. Actively Participate in Auditions: Seek out auditions and actively participate. Showcase your skills and make yourself known in the local dance scene.

10. Maintain Resilience During Settlement: Building a reputation takes time. Keep your spirits high during the settling-down phase. Be patient and persistent in pursuing your dance aspirations.

Embarking on a dance journey in a new country is both thrilling and challenging. By strategically addressing these ten aspects, dancers can navigate the complexities of relocation and ensure a successful and fulfilling dance career in diverse cultural settings.

I would be happy to share my insights with anyone who is looking for a move. Please feel free, to reach out to me at


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